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Outdoor Direct Sown Vegetable Seeds

Many popular vegetables are best grown by planting the seeds directly in your garden soil in late spring through early summer. These fast growing seeds are easy, fun and produce high yields of delicious summer vegetables.


Bean, Bush Blue Lake 274

Tasty and Productive! Proven performer nationwide for home gardeners.

Bean, Emperor Runner

Charming, easy to grow annual vine for quick, beautiful coverageClusters of bright red flowers

Bean, Filet Triomphe de Farcy

The Authentic Striped Filet From France Harvest crunchy, tiny pods daily for best quality

Bean, Matilda

German bean with delicious, mild and sweet flavor.

Bean, Three Color Blend

Sweet, colorful, easy-to-harvest bush beans.

Bush Bean, Mascotte

Super productive and flavorful French variety.


Cucumbers are vining vegetable crops grown for their elongated fruits which have a refreshing, mild, cool flavor.

Cucumber, Iznik

A flavorful new "lunch-box" cucumber from Germany.

Cucumber, Homemade Pickles

Perfect for Summer Canning ProjectsHigh yields of uniform, perfectly proportioned fruits.

Cucumber, Lemon

Unique Round Yellow Cucumbers

Cucumber, Crystal Apple

Pretty New Zealand heirloom with pale greenish fruits resembling Granny Smith apples.

Cucumber, Yellow Submarine

Great For Pickles And For Slicing Crisp, juicy fruits are the perfect size and shape for snacks.

Cucumber,Tendergreen Organic

Perfect for slicing and pickling. Smooth and burpless.


Squash, Winter, Atlas Hybrid

Early, with excellent flavor and high sugar content.

Winter Squash, Blue Doll Hybrid

Exotic blue squash is a real standout in the patch.

Squash, Winter, White Wonder Hybrid

Prized for both flavor and long keeping- up to 8 months!

Squash Winter, Amazonka

Tidy, heavy-yielding semi-bush plants.

Squash, Gourmet Gold

Produces more, better-quality fruits over a long time.

Squash, Summer, Elite

Early French type with high yields

Ornamental Corn, Broom Corn

Gorgeous 8-9 ft. stalks for crafts and decoration.

Baby Corn, Bonus

Tiny Asian Ears For Stir FryYields up to three cobs per plant!

Corn, Jackpot Hybrid

Bicolor Super-Sweet - Just 6' Tall

Corn, Silver Princess

Earlier form of the reigning roadside favorite, Silver Queen.

Corn, Quickie

Even short season gardeners can enjoy fresh corn on the cob.


Pumpkin, Rouge Vif d'Etampes

Really striking, even without carving.

Pumpkin, Casper

This friendly ghost makes friends at the table too.

Pumpkin, Galeux d'Eysines Pumpkin

This French heirloom makes a pretty scary Halloween pumpkin.

Pumpkin, Mix

All shapes and sizes, kids love them!

Pumpkin, Mini Harvest Blend

Adorable, sassy mini-pumpkins in 3 colors.

Pumpkin, Small Sugar Organic

For pies you need a really sweet pumpkin and this one fills the bill.


Try our Cook's Garden gourd seeds today for an ornamental assortment to dry for fall and winter displays.

Bitter Gourd, White Hybrid

The bitter flavor and creamy texture are a favorite of adventurous chefs.

Gourd, Orn, Large Bottle

Large, bottle-shaped fruits make novel bird houses.

Squash, Gourd, Ornamental Luffa

Grown for its fibrous flesh which, when dried, makes the best bath sponges ever!

Gourd-Orn, Apple

Vigorous vines produce huge yields of apple-shaped gourds.

Gourd-Orn, Extra Long Handle

A magnificent heirloom gourd with a beautifully curved swooping "handle."

Gourd-Orn, Speckled Swan

Extravagantly lovely swan-necked ornamental gourd.


Bitter Gourd, White Hybrid

The bitter flavor and creamy texture are a favorite of adventurous chefs.

Melon, Bitter Gourd

A favorite ingredient in many Asian dishes , bitter gourd adds a distinctive kicky note to stir-fries, soups, and curry.

Melon, Bidwell Casaba

Heirloom variety with creamy, fruity flavor.

Melon, Collective Farm Woman

Ukrainian heirloom perfect for short seasons.

Melon, Toscana

Juicy, deep orange honey-sweet flesh.