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Fruit Plants

Gourmet gardeners are discovering how easy it is to grow their own fresh fruits. Home grown fruit has a freshness and sweetness that is far superior to store bought fruit. Each of our fruit plants comes with a full set of growing instructions and is shipped to you at the proper planting time for your region.


Blueberries ripen in the garden from early to mid-June until early August. They are, of course, superb for pies and fresh eating, and a wonderful complement to all other fresh fruits. Blueberry plants ship at proper planting time for your growing zone.

Blueberry, Jersey

Garden variety standard with late season harvest.

Blueberry, Blueray

Largest berry on the market!

Blueberry, Sunshine Blue

Only 3 feet, a pot evergreen blueberry with hot pink flowers.


Blackberries make for a nutritious, instant desert, and are superb in blackberry pie, blackberry mousse and blackberry sorbet. Large, firm, blue-black berries grow in abundance for weeks of easy picking.

Blackberry, Chester

Perfect fruits are very rich and jet black.

Blackberry, Darrow

Berries are fantastic, large with great true blackberry flavor.

Blackberry, Ouachita PP17163

A rich harvest of sweet, juicy, glossy black berries.

Blackberry, Prime-Ark® 45

Produces fruits on first-year canes.

Blackberry, Triple Crown

Delicious juicy blackberries on thornless plants.

Blackberry, Prime-Ark Freedom PPAF

The worlds first thornless, primocane-fruiting blackberry.


Plant both standard and ever bearing raspberry plants and enjoy fresh fruit all summer.

Raspberry, Jewel PP0589

Very bold flavor of raspberry, uses are endless.

Raspberry, Crimson Giant

Late season raspberry with very large, red fruits. Fruits are easy to pick and pull from sparsely spined canes.

Raspberry, Caroline

Twice a season you'll harvest delicious red berries.

Raspberry, Heritage

Late spring and fall crop of delicious red raspberries

Raspberry, Royalty

Flavor is intense in this beautiful rich berry.

Raspberry, Crimson Night

Heavy crops of shiny, dark fruit Dark purple canes are very ornamental. Compact habit for container gardens.


Cook's Garden now offers fall planted strawberry plants that ship in time for your region.

Strawberry, Earliglow

Our earliest, a top quality, high-yielding strawberry.

Strawberry, Sweet Charlie

The standard for Florida and southern gardens.

Strawberry, Alpine Yellow Wonder

Small, yellow, flavorful alpine strawberry.

Strawberry, Alpine Alexandria

Vigorous, productive, everbearing plants.

Strawberry, Alpine Fragola di Bosco

Small, scarlet red, flavorful alpine strawberry.

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