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Second Season Vegetable Seeds

Now is the time to plant quick growing varieties for a delicious fall harvest. These varieties prefer growing in cooler weather and actually taste better when maturing in the moderate temperatures of fall.


"Mesclun" means "mixture" in French. Our exclusive blends are uniquely "Franco American," developed by The Cook's Garden for North American gardens.

Mesclun, Festive Mix

Festive mix of exultant colors, flavors and textures.

Mesclun, Cook's Mild Mix

Best Mesclun For Hot Weather Fast growing, but heat tolerant

Mesclun, Provencal

Our Exclusive Mix! Traditional recipe from the south of France.

Mesclun, Spicy Mix

Spicy and tangy salad mixture.


Store-bought Arugula will never match the flavor of your own, garden  grown, and it is one of the easiest crops imaginable; ideally suited for windowsill, container and small space gardens.

Arugula, Garden

Direct From Italy We taste test to find you the best!

Arugula, Myway

The earliest of the arugulas to mature.

Arugula Organic

Zesty, peppery flavor. Certified Organic.

Arugula, Wildfire

The hottest arugula available.
If all you've ever eaten is super-market kale, you don't know what you're missing. Kale is extra-tasty fresh from the home garden.

Kale, Tronchuda Beira Hybrid

Most heat-tolerant of all kale with tender, sweet leaves.

Kale, Redbor Hybrid

Outstanding Color and Cold Hardiness Good eating from fall through spring; ornamental, too

Kale, Blend

Packed with 45 different flavonoids, kale is just about the most nutritious thing you can eat.

Kale, Wild Mix

Healthy, Hardy Harvests Loaded with flavor, highly productive, incredibly hardy


All of our mustards grow quickly, have distinct and special flavors, and display strong re-growth characteristics.

Mustard, Baby Mix

Delicate texture and a creamy, nutty flavor.

Mustard, Mizuna

Incredibly Heat and Cold Tolerant! Easy to grow greens for salad or cooking

Mustard, Osaka Purple

Striking Plant, Great Young In Salads or Full Size in Soups

Mustard, Tatsoi

Cold-hardy Asian variety you can harvest in the snow.

Salad Greens, Mustard, Fla Broad Leaf

A southern favorite. One of the first greens in spring.

Mizuna, Red Streaked

The most stunning of all salad greens.


Home grown carrots are very easy to direct sow and are an ideal cool-season crop.

Carrot, Atomic Red

Bold flavor and vivid color.

Carrot, Cosmic Purple

Violet outside and orange inside!

Carrot, Kaleidoscope Mix

Exclusive blend of wild colors!

Carrot, White Satin

Crisp, sweet and the most mild we offer.

Carrot, Little Finger

Tiny gourmet great for salads.

Looseleaf / Cutting

Most cutting lettuces will resprout vigorously from a cut stem without loss of leaf quality. We offer several leaf lettuces from Western Europe, as well as the premier American varieties. Sow weekly and harvest at 4-6" tall.

Lettuce, Red Sails

Huge Looseleaf, Red on Green Productive and widely adapted for home gardens.

Lettuce, Royal Oak Leaf

Outstanding Quality and Production Good for cutting, or will produce large, loose heads

Lettuce, Green Salad Bowl

A True Three Season LettuceGreat for cutting, or for full size, looseleaf heads

Lettuce, E-Z Cut

NEW. Twice as many leaves per head as other lettuces.

Lettuce, Nevada

Looseleaf. One of the best-tasting lettuces.

Salad Greens

The varieties we offer are a comprehensive list selected from our extensive trial gardens, and among these miscellaneous greens are some of the most flavorful and nutritious foods you can eat.

Mizuna, Red Streaked

The most stunning of all salad greens.

Swiss Chard, Charlotte

Brightest Red Chard In The Garden Excellent summer greens, even in hot climates.

Micro Greens, Zesty Blend

The zestiest, tangiest, and spiciest micro greens.

Chard, Monstruoso

Huge Plants, Succulent Stems Great for greens, or use stems for stir fry.

Arugula, Garden

Direct From Italy We taste test to find you the best!

Micro Greens, Pea Shoots Taiwan

We searched the world to find these outstanding peas from Taiwan.


This quick and easy crop is as healthy as it is tasty. Low in calories and a good source of iron, vitamins A and C and fiber, spinach also contains 3 grams of protein per serving.

Spinach, Indian Summer Hybrid

Great Three Season Variety Easy to grow and super productive.

Spinach, Bloomsdale Longstanding

Heavy, continuous yield of thick-textured, crinkled, glossy, dark green leaves.