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Vegetable Seeds and Plants

At The Cook’s Garden we offer you only the finest gourmet vegetables, unsurpassed for home garden performance and home-grown taste. Our European-inspired selection of seeds and custom grown plants are the absolute finest vegetables you can grow in your home garden.

Vegetable Plants

Pepper, Sweet, Cherry Stuffer Hybrid

Compact plants produce loads of stuff-able, grill-able peppers.

Tomato, Gardener's Delight Organic

Heirloom. Our favorite cherry! Bright red, bite-size, extra sweet fruits are full of flavor.

Eggplant, India Paint

We love this variety for its brightly colored perfect-for-grilling 4" fruit.

Tomato Cherry, Green Envy

Green when ripe, these sweet 1" long cherries fruit in abundance in clusters on indeterminate plants.

Pepper, Hot Giant Ancho (Poblano)

Giant triangular peppers finish in a lovely shade of dark chocolate.

New Vegetables

Browse our full range of new vegetables including tomato seeds, peppers, squash and more.

Tomato, Rosella Hybrid

Gourmet cherry tomato every bit as beautiful as it is tasty.

Snow Pea, Golden Sweet

Alluring golden-yellow pods loaded with sweet-tasting peas.

Pepper, Hot, Diablito

Flame-thrower Hot! A Thai pepper that came to us by way of Portugal.

Bush Bean, Mascotte

Super productive and flavorful French variety.

Kale, Tronchuda Beira Hybrid

Most heat-tolerant of all kale with tender, sweet leaves.

Onion, Cippolini Red

Gourmet onion is prized for delectable, deep flavor.

Indoor Sow

Indoor sow your tomatoes, peppers, eggplant, broccoli, cabbage, cauliflower and more to get a head start on your vegetable garden.

Artichoke, Imperial Star

The Best Annual Artichoke. Plant in early spring, harvest the same summer!

Brussels Sprouts, Falstaff

A New Purple Brussels Sprout Super tasty, and a great garden ornamental

Cauliflower, Snow Crown

Proven Performance in All Conditions

Eggplant, India Paint

We love this variety for its brightly colored perfect-for-grilling 4" fruit.

Pepper, Boldog Paprika

This Pepper is Perfect for Drying

Direct Sow

Direct sow these vegetable seeds directly into your home garden including beets, carrots, cucumbers, corn, radish and more.

Beet, Cook's Custom Mix

You don't need a big garden to enjoy beets! Plant once and enjoy a long harvest!

Bean, Fava, Windsor

Favorite heirloom with big taste, size and yield.

Melon, Collective Farm Woman

Ukrainian heirloom perfect for short seasons.

Pea, Blue Bantam Dwarf

Burpee heirloom has flavor, earliness and yields.

Sorrel, Blood Veined

Adds pizzazz and flavor to salads, soups and sauces.


Lettuce is an ideal crop for intensive gardens - quick-growing, adaptable to different seasons, and able to tolerate close planting.

Lettuce, Fan Dance Hybrid

An especially pretty and uncommon Romaine.

Lettuce, King Crimson Hybrid

Gorgeous in the garden and salad.

Lettuce, Green Frills Hybrid

Frilled leaves are crunchy and delicious.

Lettuce, Santoro

Wins rave reviews for its mild, yet rich, flavor.


"Mesclun" means "mixture" in French. Our exclusive blends are uniquely "Franco American," developed by The Cook's Garden for North American gardens.

Mesclun, Festive Mix

Festive mix of exultant colors, flavors and textures.

Mesclun, Cook's Mild Mix

Best Mesclun For Hot Weather Fast growing, but heat tolerant

Mesclun, Provencal

Our Exclusive Mix! Traditional recipe from the south of France.

Mesclun, Spicy Mix

Spicy and tangy salad mixture.

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