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Bean, Fava, Windsor

Favorite heirloom with big taste, size and yield.
First listed in 1863 and a favorite of European gardeners, Broad Windsor offers outsize taste, yield and size. Sturdy 4’ tall bushes plentifully yield 4-5” glossy-green pods, each loaded with 5-7 flat, oblong, quarter-sized beans to be enjoyed fresh or dried. Delectable beans are loaded with vitamins and minerals. Plant’s leaves can be prepared like spinach, with a similar flavor.

Product Details

Days to Maturity 75  days

Sowing Method Direct Sow 

Spread 8-10  inches

Height 24-28  inches

Thinning 8 inches 

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1 Pkt.
(21.75 grams)

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Bean, Fava, Windsor
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