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Lettuce Seeds

Lettuce is an ideal crop for intensive gardens - quick-growing, adaptable to different seasons, and able to tolerate close planting. The trick to continuous lettuce production is to choose the proper varieties for each season and to plant just as much - in succession - as you're going to need at harvest time. Whether you direct sow lettuce seed or grow transplants, you'll want to start a new crop every 7 to 10 days.

Custom Lettuce Mixes

We've selected the combinations of greens to take the guesswork out of creating salad mixes. Cook's garden custom lettuce mixes will germinate in close proximity and at comparable heights.

Fuseables, Global Mix

The innovative new way to grow salads!

Seasonal Mixes

Our Cook's Garden seasonal lettuce mixes are the ideal way to have gourmet salads any time of year. Easy to grow and ready to harvest in as little as 30 days.

Specialty Mixes

Choose from our wide varieties of Cook's Garden specialty lettuce mixes and enjoy the many flavors and textures for home gardeners.

Lettuce, Cutting Mix

Easy to grow in any space and guaranteed to produce perfect salad fixings in only a month.

Mesclun, Spicy Mix

Spicy and tangy salad mixture.

Lettuce, Baby Red Mix

Easy to grow and quick to harvest.


"Mesclun" means "mixture" in French. Our exclusive blends are uniquely "Franco American," developed by The Cook's Garden for North American gardens.

Mesclun, Festive Mix

Festive mix of exultant colors, flavors and textures.

Mesclun, Cook's Mild Mix

Best Mesclun For Hot Weather Fast growing, but heat tolerant

Mesclun, Provencal

Our Exclusive Mix! Traditional recipe from the south of France.

Mesclun, Spicy Mix

Spicy and tangy salad mixture.


Butterhead lettuces have soft, buttery-textured leaves that form very loose "heads". They boast a mild, sweet and succulent flavor. In the garden, the small heads are loosely folded and range in color from pale green to purple-red.

Lettuce, Bibb

Sweet, tender heads are tops for quality. Compact plants produce well in small areas under good care

Lettuce, Yugoslavian Red

Beautiful butterhead, tasty and decorative.

Lettuce, Winter Marvel

One of your best bets for winter lettuce. An old European variety for fall and winter crops.

Lettuce, Santoro

Wins rave reviews for its mild, yet rich, flavor.

Lettuce, Edox

A rare red butterhead with the best colors we've seen.

Lettuce, Oliver

Gorgeous bright lime green with slightly savoyed, buttery leaves.


Known for their crispy, succulent texture and very mild flavor, lettuces in this class are essential as the background flavor in complex salad creations with fuller and stronger greens.

Lettuce, Red Grenoble

Exquisite French Batavian Type Good for looseleaf or mature head harvest

Lettuce, Green Ice

Great Dual Purpose Lettuce Use for looseleaf or let it head up!

Lettuce, Crystal

The ideal choice for a classic 'wedge' salad.


Romaine lettuce is said to have been cultivated on the Aegean island of Cos almost 5,000 years ago. Romaines are prized for their crisp texture, slightly bitter flavor, and high nutrient content.

Lettuce, Forellenschluss

Specialty Gourmet Variety - Old Austrian Heirloom

Lettuce, Larissa

Top Heat Tolerant Butterhead

Lettuce, Little Gem

Little Gem is one of the best tasting and most trouble-free lettuces you can grow.

Lettuce, Craquerelle Du Midi

Outstanding summer lettuce! One of the best for warm climate growers.

Lettuce, All Season Romaine Mix

Have Romaine lettuce all season long

Looseleaf / Cutting

Most cutting lettuces will resprout vigorously from a cut stem without loss of leaf quality. We offer several leaf lettuces from Western Europe, as well as the premier American varieties. Sow weekly and harvest at 4-6" tall.

Lettuce, Red Sails

Huge Looseleaf, Red on Green Productive and widely adapted for home gardens.

Lettuce, Royal Oak Leaf

Outstanding Quality and Production Good for cutting, or will produce large, loose heads

Lettuce, Green Salad Bowl

A True Three Season LettuceGreat for cutting, or for full size, looseleaf heads

Lettuce, E-Z Cut

NEW. Twice as many leaves per head as other lettuces.

Lettuce, Nevada

Looseleaf. One of the best-tasting lettuces.

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